netanyahu’s nephew

by anzya

While we’re on the topic of Netanyahu, I thought I’d post this interview with his nephew, who is a pacifist and was court martialled a number of years ago for refusing to serve in the IDF. (This interview’s actually from last year, before Netanyahu became PM). I was reminded of this when talking with some friends about the conflict last night. One thing that came up was the nature of being an activist against the occupation, in Israeli society. Listening to Jonathan Ben-Artzi (Netanyahu’s nephew)- a maths student, probably around my age- I was struck by how he expressed his views, which seem pretty radical, through his lived experience rather than overarching ideologies. A friend suggested that when you’re born into a society such as  Israel, you don’t get to choose activism as an identity or lifestyle. Rather, from a pretty young age (as it’s compulsary for Israelis to be drafted into the army at 18) you become forced into activism “organically”, or out of neccessity by the decisions you are required to make. This interview is in two video segments from the US program “Democracy Now”: