blog inspired by a forgotten zionist…

by anzya

A friend of mine  – thanks LN 😉 – recently put me onto a blog called “The Magnes Zionist“. There are some interesting posts up there by the blogger- an Israeli/American orthodox Jewish Studies Professor who describes himself as a “non-statist Zionist” and seems to know his way around ancient and modern Jewish history pretty well. His outlook is pretty unique, and I reckon it’s worth a look. He’s also been posting up to date info on the recent Breaking the Silence Report. 

FYI, “The Magnes Zionist” is inspired by Judah Magnes, a founder and first President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An article from Ha’aretz about Magnes reveals that: 

When the United Nations passed the partition plan on November 29, 1947, not all the Jews celebrated in the streets. A group of intellectuals, most of them Hebrew University lecturers, believed that the war that would break out in the wake of the establishment of a Jewish state would bring disaster down on the Jews and the Arabs alike. Magnes, a Reform rabbi, pacifist and anti-imperialist who was known for his opposition to World War I, was one of the most important Zionist leaders of his era. He was a leading figure in the New York Jewish community and was a key liaison between the Zionist leadership and the American administration. He moved to Israel in 1922 and came out in support of the establishment of a single, binational state for Jews and Arabs, with a government comprised of representatives from both peoples. 

The rest of the Ha’aretz article is available here. There is also more on Magnes on the blog, amongst other interesting posts.