by tobybee

from Joseph Dana and Mairav Zonszein’s blog:

“After receiving eviction notices last May, three Palestinian families constituting 53 people, including 20 children, were forcibly removed from their homes [in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem] under High Court order at dawn on Sunday August 2. The Hanouns, the Rawis and the al-Ghawis, all families who fled their homes in West Jerusalem and became refugees during the 1948 War, have been living in their houses since 1956, when Jordan reached an agreement with UNRWA to resettle them.”

you can read more here.

Dana and Zonszein filmed the aftermath, as well as interviewed Jewish settlers.

I think it’s important to see the Palestinians who lose their houses, to see the Israeli soldiers tear down the signs which these evicted, now homeless people have put up, to, in some small way, see the devastation which is being caused on a regular basis. And to see the Jews who get a new home, who are endorsing and encouraging of what has been done so that they can have it.