healthcare and nazis

by tobybee

If you’ve been following the American debates about healthcare, you’ve probably seen the vast amount of crazies who are turning up to townhall meetings. A common theme seems to be comparing the push for increased healthcare to Nazi policies. yes indeedy. A couple of clips below for your viewing dis/pleasure – the first one is from Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. If you haven’t seen Hannity, then you haven’t seen vileness. This clip is particularly bad, taking an ex-marine at his word that if you compared Nazi economic and healthcare policies to those proposed by Obama then you’d see they’re the same.

And then this one is Barney Frank having a particularly pithy and brilliant moment, disposing of a woman who is making the claim that when it comes to healthcare, Obama is Hitler. It’s fun.

One question I have in response to this is: where are the various Jewish organisations who so regularly come out to yell that the Holocaust can’t be compared to anything, lest the memory of the Holocaust be cheapened? Because this seems to me like one moment when the comparison really does not work, and totally obscures the actual discussion. It’s just cheap rhetoric. But, I have to admit, the way it demonstrates the anxieties which these people have about losing a little bit of power and control, about not getting their own political way, is fascinating to watch. Even if at the same time it’s scary, and really depressing.