RIP Hans Bandler

by tobybee

I never knew, but Faith Bandler had a Jewish husband, Hans Bandler. Hans sadly died recently, on August 22 at the age of 94, but I found out about him today thanks to a friends’ posting on facebook. The Sydney Morning Herald has an obituary for him online today, which can be found here. It tells us that Hans was a Viennese Jew, who was a victim of the Nazis, before escaping to England in 1939. According to his obituary

Bandler was taken to Dachau in June 1938 and transferred to Buchenwald in September. Watching people die instilled in him a fervent love of life and an indomitable will to live. He was appalled by racism, injustice and inequality.

It’s important I think to remember people like Hans and Faith, to remember their work and to take something from their story.