The Women’s Line, Qalandiya Checkpoint, Third Day of Ramadan

by tobybee

There’s a video up on at the mahsanmilim (Reports from the West Bank) website of women at the Qalandiya Checkpoint, Jerusalem, wanting to get to the Al Aqsa Mosque to pray on a Friday during Ramadan. The website notes that “Israel denies Palestinians entry to Jerusalem all year round. On Ramadan, the Muslims’ month of fasting, Israel announced that “in honor of the holiday” it would allow elderly Palestinians to pray at the alAqsa mosque on Fridays.”

You can watch the video here

Watching it just now I reflected on how easy my journey will be on Sunday evening to my shul down the road, how easy it is for us to pray where we want, on our Jewish holy days. If you haven’t seen footage from the checkpoints – and there’s plenty of it available online – you especially should watch this.