jewish films…

by anzya

Though I missed the first week of the jewish film festival in melbourne already, I just noticed that Karin Albou’s “The Wedding Song” is screening Saturday and Tuesday nights.  I caught this at MIFF this year and was completely entranced. Just take my word and go see it! It’s  such a beautiful, unusual film about the survival of friendship between a Muslim and a Jewish girl during a time of conflict and extremism, in Tunisia in WWII.

And, I just realised that Karin Albou’s first film was another Jewish film that I loved! It’s called “Little Jerusalem” and is about a woman growing up in an orthodox Jewish community in France, who is obsessed with Western philosophy and who falls in love with a Muslim man.

While both films are about relationships between Jewish and Muslim young people, this theme isn’t handled simplistically or obviously… I think  the way the director explores these intense, complex relationships, in both films, is incredibly unique and emotionally convincing.  But go and see for yourself.