holidays, and founding myths

by tobybee

tis the season for going away, so anzya and i are headed off on a drive up northwards. so you won’t be hearing from us for a couple of weeks. we hope everyone has a great new years.

but, to tide you over til we return – we started this blog after attending a lecture by Gerry Simpson at ACU as part of a lecture series called ‘Gaza: Morality, Law and Politics’, organised by Raimond Gaita. The lecture by Simpson was an amazing lecture, and afterwards we went to the pub (it was the Napier, in case you’re interested) and started talking about the things we could be doing in order to be a part of a conversation on Zionism, Jewishness, diasporism, and being in the world, as Jews, today. And so we came up with this little blog. And six months on it’s still going, which is nice, I reckon.

If you’d like to listen to a recording of Gerry Simpson’s lecture from that night, called ‘Death in Gaza’, you can go here.

some of the other talks were similarly amazing, and worked to shift the ways in which I was understanding and thinking about what was done in Gaza. Ghassan Hage presented one of these lectures, entitled ‘On Narcissistic Victimhood’, and his can be watched here.