Minority Targets

by tobybee

Here’s a film worth watching, about Palestinians living within Israel’s ’48 borders, who are a group of Palestinians who don’t seem to be spoken about as much as the Palestinians living in Gaza or the West Bank. This film was made for Adalah, ‘The legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel’. They describe it as follows:

“The online film “Targeted Citizen” (15 minutes), produced by filmmaker Rachel Leah Jones for Adalah, surveys discrimination against the Palestinian citizens of Israel. With the participation of experts Dr. Yousef Jabareen of the Technion and Dr. Khaled Abu Asbeh of the Van Leer Institute, as well as Adalah attorneys Sawsan Zaher, Abeer Baker and Hassan Jabareen, inequality in land and housing, employment, education and civil and political rights are eloquently addressed. These interviews are reinforced by the contrasting informality of on-the-street conversations conducted by Palestinian comic duo Shammas-Nahas and punctuated by the hard-hitting rhymes of Palestinian rap trio DAM. The film’s theme song “Targeted Citizen,” written and recorded by DAM especially for Adalah, tells it like it is without missing a beat.”

So have a watch…