old and new sounds of pesach

by anzya

I can’t think of enough adjectives for awesome to describe Exodus 2.0: Idelsohn Society Passover Mix 2010. It’s a medley of bizarre country songs about pesach,  matzah jingles and surprising passover themed rock songs. It’s been put together by the Idelsohn Society, who I’ve only recently, and delightedly, discovered. They are named after the Jewish musician Abraham Zevi Idelsohn (writer of the timeless classic Hava Nagila!) Their mission, as they say on their website ” is to incite a new conversation about the present by listening anew to the past…. This is music that forces listeners to ask themselves who am I, what have I inherited, and what am I going to do about it?”I’m going to be listening closely to these guys to see what comes next! In the meantime though, I’m going to crank up this mix at my seder tonight. And since the mix tape can be downloaded from their site- you should too!