golden gal

by anzya

For an awesome blast from the past, check out this week’s “Adventures in Feministory” from Bitch Magazine. It features a tribute to the Jewish actress Estelle Getty, who started her acting career in Yiddish theatre, but  found fame at the age of 62 for her role on Golden Girls. Bitch magazine writer, Kelsey Wallace, says:

Much feminist ink has been spilled (with good reason) on Golden Girls – it had an all-female cast, it prioritized female friendships, and it didn’t shy away from issues older women face like maintaining a post-menopausal sex life. But of all the women on Golden Girls who were challenging our notions of what a prime-time TV actress should be, I’d argue that Estelle Getty takes the stereotype-bustin’ cake. While Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy represented the newly-inducted AARP member set (about 55 to 65), Sophia Petrillo was an old lady. It was rare back then (and it’s even rarer now, unfortunately) to see an 80something woman cracking jokes, hitting on men, and continuing to foster her relationship with her daughter and her friends, but in the hands of Estelle Getty, Sophia made old age look awesome.

The article also features a “best of” video of Estelle on the show and, excitingly, a “Young At Heart” workout video that she hosted(!!) So check it out…