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by roadsideservice

Folks,  I was skeptical, but Jew On This is now on Twitter. I thought it would be a good way to generate traffic to our blog. It hasn’t really done this yet. Any ideas on how one might go about this?

However, despite skepticism, I have grown to like it. For instance, it is a challenge trying to say something with only 140 characters. And people send out some interesting links. And we get to post similarly interesting links. If it doesn’t take much to distract you, and you don’t find this particularly worrisome, it is also good.

For instance, today davidAMwilensky (his website) sent out a link that I thought was really interesting. It was about a Journo, Joe Mozingo, and his search for the roots of his surname – which turned out to be Bantu African. The story explores some of the things that I am interested in terms of family history and identity – and the intersections of class and social contexts (he is pretty awkward when it comes to issues of “race” however). It comes in multiple parts with all kinds of wizz bang multimedia on the LA Times website.

Melton explained that most — maybe 90% — of the several thousand Mozingos in America can be traced directly to Edward. The others can be traced to areas of Virginia where Edward’s offspring settled and are presumed to be descendants too. No one has found evidence of other Mozingo lines arriving in America during the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries.

This was actually real. This buried history was in me. I felt a rush of anticipation.

Melton asked about my grandfather and then promptly sent me an e-mail tracing my lineage back to the American Revolution. There were only six generations between me and my oldest confirmed ancestor, Spencer Mozingo, who headed a household in Orange, Va., in 1782.

Spencer begat Joe who begat Joe who begat Joe who begat Ira who begat Joe who begat Dave who begat me. They apparently followed the receding frontier, from Virginia to Kentucky to Indiana to Illinois.


But I digress. This is a post about following us on twitter. If you are on twitter, you should follow us, because we rock. And click our links too.