New footage from Mavi Marmara, Flotilla

by roadsideservice

So this is pretty full on and if traumatic scenes of “hospital” procedures are a trigger for you, maybe rethink watching this (there are no scary arse kaffiyehs or cds, however)

My thoughts? Just release the fucking confiscated footage. For starters.

[Re-edit: On rethink, I’m not sure I feel comfortable  posting that video. You can find links to it below, I’m sure it is everywhere by now. When I first posted it I felt deeply that people need to see this. Now, I think people need to engage with what happened, and get a sense of that violence, but also when there is blood running down the walls, that is someone’s blood; and those bullet holes are in people…And well, I can’t really explain it.]

hat tip to mondoweis via cultures of resistance