shir madness

by anzya

For those of you who can make it to sydney in august, you should, and head down to the first ever (as far as I know…) australian jewish music festival. Woo!! The line up so far looks like an australian version of adam sandler’s hanuka song — as in, with recognisable aussie bands instead of famous people turning out to be jewish… like  Monsieur Camembert, and Fourplay too! Though I’m not sure if you can describe a band as “jewish” or on what basis you can (… like is it just based on the background of its members or does your music have to be somewhat jewish? and what is jewish music anyway?… ) I think the best way to find out is to create and nurture a space for evolving “jewish music”… to try it out and see, or rather hear, what jewish music sounds like. That sounds good to me, anyway.  Tickets  are already on sale and if you book by the end of the day today (not much time I know, but still…) you can grab them for the early bird price of $40 from the website.