bits of jew-y arts news

by anzya

I’ve come across news of a couple of exciting jewish arty projects, so thought I’d take this opportunity to plug them here:

1. A Film Unfinished is released this year: a doco about an unfinished Nazi propaganda film made in the Warsaw ghetto which uses actual footage, diaries and interviews with survivors. It has been getting excellent reviews, including this one by Jewdar at Heeb magazine who writes:

Watching the footage, and, knowing what the Nazis had in mind for their subjects, it’s hard to escape fully the conclusion that this film ultimately wasn’t propaganda but anthropology–the Nazis making a video record of the quaint customs and rituals of what were supposed to be Europe’s last Jews in their natural habitat.

For Melbournites, it is also screening at MIFF in July & August.

2. Klezmer bands from around the world have got together to create the album Klezmer Against the Wall . Their cd is available online and from itunes, with proceeds going towards music and arts projects in Palestine.  reports (the unfortunately predictable) that,

Florida’s main Jewish radio station, Shalom South Florida, has responded to “Klezmer Musicians Against the Wall” by banning all American and European Klezmer bands featured on the CD from their airwaves.

In other jew/arts news, that seems relevant to mention today, there is a bit of a row brewing over in Adelaide, where a poster advertising artist Andrew Steiner’s exhibition about Art and the Holocaust was removed by a staff member who said, according to the AJN :

The flyer had ‘Holocaust’ written on it, and we’ve got a customer that comes in here who doesn’t believe in the Holocaust, so if we have stuff up there like that, then we have to get into arguments with people, and we can’t be bothered.

Geez, lady.

AJN and The Australian reports that the complaining customer turned out to be notorious Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben.