chelsea schmelsy

by anzya

This article about Chelsea Clinton and intermarriage amongst Jews made me want to gag.

Would such a marriage — if Chelsea does not convert or the children aren’t raised Jewish — point again to an eroding Jewish identity among younger people and an existential threat to the survival of Judaism itself?

Gah. I mean, I know why jews tend to be so neurotic about this stuff. But it seems to me such a superficial way of looking at judaism. Instead of getting paranoid about “surviving”, isn’t it a better use of time and energy to contribute to making judaism relevant and interesting and engaging for young jews? Otherwise a so-called “Jewish Identity” is just an empty and meaningless thing. Moreover, isn’t marriage an outdated, patriarchal, counter revolutionary institution that should be done away with rather then being the site of contention for an empty superficial debate about identity? Your thoughts?