A is for Amy or “Nisht, nisht, nisht”

by anzya

So, I’ve been doing a bit of “research” (i.e, googling) for an idea for a blog series with the (working) title: an a-z of things to jew on.  I thought that some alphabetical prompts might motivate me to write more, force me to come up with some ideas, or at least to find random shit on the internet and ramble about it… which is what I have done today.

A, in this case, is for Amy Winehouse: the songstress whom I admittedly love, although she is better known for her drug habits than her Judaism (though as Sarah Silverman once famously said, if Amy Winehouse isn’t Jewish, “someone should tell her face”…)

Amy has said herself that she has the music taste of “an old Jewish man”. But my googling prowess also helped me discover that old Jewish men also appreciate the music of ol’ Amy. Just check this strange vid out…

P.S Nominations for B-Z of “things to jew on” are now open 😉 so if you have any ideas, put em down below in the comments section.