“Showing my pictures is good because I’m showing Roma life”

by tobybee

“Being Roma means everything. I’m Roma, I don’t care what anybody thinks about Roma ‘cos I like to be Roma. We always have fun. We dance, we sing, it’s fun being Roma.” (Angela, 14)

An exhibition was held in London at the beginning of the year (I only just found out about it (hat-tip to Shannon)) entitled ‘Roma London’. It’s described as “a photographic account of the experience of Roma living in London. The work has developed through collaboration between a group of teenage Roma women, photographer Manuela Zanotti and Jacob Garber of The Children’s Society.” And the aim it seems was for women to get training in photography; and then they would use their photographs to tell their stories and to create images of themselves, their families and their communities on their own terms. Because, of course, Roma face significant persecution and discrimination all throughout Europe, including in England.

As Roxana, one of the women involved, said “I like being behind the camera because I know that I am taking the picture and I am taking it the way I want to.” Nice hey.

Check out some of the online photos here