a few good links + so on

by anzya

Some interesting sites & blogs have been popping up on the interwebs lately… or perhaps I am just a bit slow at finding them. But anyways, I’ve been adding them as they pop up on our blog roll on the right –>

So make sure to check them out… especially when we get a bit slack at putting stuff up here! Bubbes and Zaydes for Peace in the Middle East which I discovered today made me especially happy. And there is a new Post Punk Kitchen website up! (I got my favourite, most delicious, never fail hummus recipe from their old blog…) Oh and Sarah Silverman now has a youtube channel featuring vids of her dog, so I thought that deserved a whole new category, obviously… Plus there’s a bunch of others that are up there because they’re awesome. So check out our small sample of the great & thought-provoking blogs, radio stations, and such out there! Also, I’ve by no means made a definitive list there so if there’s anything you think we should add just lettuce know by commenting below…

Also, it seems from a recent reader survey  – that’s as in speaking to like two of you – that the number of bloggers on jew on this, and who writes what, is a little confusing! So I’ve added our blogging names & each of our most recent posts at the top right also.

That’s all I have to say for now but stay tuned for meatier posts to come 🙂