‘Nobody ever talks about that’

by tobybee

When I was in New York in 2006 I saw an awesome doco called ‘Young Jewish and Left’. Sitting and watching it at bluestockings, on the Lower East Side, this film was incredibly exciting for me, introducing me to ideas and people I felt like I could completely connect with. I’ve tried to throw references to the doco into my work wherever I can since then but I haven’t seen any bits of it since 2006, which is quite a while ago, both temporally and in terms of the development of my thinking. So I came across this clip from it today (thanks to radio613), and it still resonates so powerfully. I particularly love what Loolwa Khazzoom has to say (and if you haven’t read her work, you absolutely must. now. Her edited collection The Flying Camel: essays on identity by women of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish heritage is rad, and challenging, and informative, and interesting, and loving.)