spare some gelt?

by tobybee

if you can, you should think about helping out the shondes, who had their van, which was parked in Brooklyn, stolen last week. they need to raise $10,000 and they’re already most of the way there. here’s what they have to say:

Our van was stolen in Brooklyn last weekend. We’d used it to tour far and wide, to get to and from our rehearsal space and the recording studio that we use upstate, and to help out local organizations.

Now we need your help. We have big plans for this year — starting with a string of shows at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. We’ve started working on our next album. We’re planning tour dates throughout the spring, summer and beyond.

But SXSW is halfway across the country, the studio’s several hours upstate, and we can’t even play a show in our own city without using a van.

Why a van? Even if one of us owned a car — which we don’t, living in New York City — our gear doesn’t fit in anything smaller.

Why $10,000? Because we need a safe, reliable van that won’t leave us stranded on the way to a show. We’ve tried the cheapest-possible-van approach before and learned our lesson. The money will go toward a solid used van and immediately associated expenses (a mechanical inspection, registration, license plates, replacement of the van’s contents, etc.).

What about insurance? Sadly, our car insurance covered collisions only — that means we can’t get a dime from the insurance company.

We need your help to get to South By Southwest on March 11, to continue recording our next album, and to get to your city to play for you! To cheesily quote our own songs: We can’t do it alone.

so if you can help out, simply go here, and give what you can (and watch the super-cute video that they’ve put up). I highly recommend it: besides producing excellent jewish, feminist, queer, rad, diasporist music, they seem like lovely people. and having your stuff stolen is shit. but having people from around the world chip in and enact community is awesome.