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by tobybee

a very dear friend of the blog, who is currently living in morocco and traveling around africa and the middle east has recently started a tumblr, called a certain blindness. he just made me laugh out loud with his most recent post, which reminded me that i wanted to share his work with you. he posts such remarkable photos, and snippets of life (and hopefully he’ll write even more in the coming months).

for instance:

real men drink avocado milkshakes
what, abdu asked, is in the bag?

a tomato, an egg, an avocado, some bread. i wanted to make me a mean ass sandwich. perhaps garnished with some vegemite, and had stopped at man who was randomly selling vegetables around the corner from my house.

being round the corner inevitably meant that i would chat with my neighbours and various shop keepers on the short walk home.

salaam aleikum. wa’aleikum a’salaam.

abdu worked in the pastry shop between the corner and my house. for a five hundred year old wood fired bakery oven, they smash out mean pastries. and the occasional surprising gem. abdu was the master of the oven itself.

what are you going to do with the ingredients? make a sandwich. a what? a sandwich. with an avocado?

yes. i’m going to fry the egg, put it in the bread, with the tomato and the avocado and something called vegemite. it’s an australian, er, food.

a sandwich? with avocado? yes. why? because avocados are delicious. why are you asking me this? why are you wasting avocado in sandwiches?

i didn’t understand.

avocados are delicious. i agree. avocados should be drunk in milkshakes.

i, er, agree?

yes, put in a cup with milk and sugar. much sugar, and blended until smooth. very good for the health. they make you strong.

in australia we eat avocados in sandwiches.

this is a waste of avocado. cows eat avocados with bread. real men drink avocado milkshakes.

i never mentioned the avocado sandwich, and abdu never asked.