shul. oh shul.

by tobybee

I was going to write this post talking about how I’m half looking forward to, but mostly not looking forward to going to shul next week. And how I was talking the other night with some friends, and we agreed that we all want more from shul, but there isn’t a shul in Melbourne that offers what we want, so we’re kind of stuck with what we have. So I could go on about why that is, and what it is I’m looking for, but I think I won’t today. No rambling ideas from me today, folks.

But what I do want to share is this… My shul has a new rabbi this year, so I’m hoping, hoping, that he’ll bring some new energy and wisdom to the place. This is a promo video he recently did for the Jewish News, though, and to me it doesn’t seem like such a great look (fill in the blanks for eulogies? hmmm…), so I’m not so sure. sigh.

And in other shul matters, my friend was telling me that at Temple, the Reform congregations in Melbourne, they provide free tickets to attend the Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur services for non-Jewish husbands/wives of members of the congregation. I reckon that’s pretty great.