facebooking ajds…

by tobybee

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), which was formed in Melbourne in 1984, has recently been moving towards finding new ways to get younger Melbourne Jews actively involved. As part of this, interviews with various people are being conducted (I was interview a few weeks ago – it was actually quite a good experience to be able to sit and talk about Jewish leftist politics, ideas and activism for an hour or so with someone I didn’t know), activities are being organised, a new paid, part-time community organiser (Max Kaiser) has been appointed, and a facebook page has been set up.

I highly recommend checking out what’s being posted online – there’s some really interesting links to articles and books going up there.

At this time of growing leftist movements around the world, it’s important – I think – to get behind Jewish groups and organisations in Melbourne which are putting out different ideas of what being a Jew can entail.