Maurice Sendak Z”L

by roadsideservice

Maurice Sendak and Art Spiegelman take a walk and have a chat.

I have been thinking of the line in Where the Wild Things Are just recently that goes something like “Please don’t go, I’ll eat you up, I love you so” and just how beautiful and perfect and balanced the rhythm and cadence of it is – the kind of silliness and fun and irony of a big scary monster as confused and loving. I have the vaguest of childhood memories – embodied memories, really –  of mum munching on me as she read that line. But also I think part of this embodied memory – and it is only a part – of my childhood and Sendak’s books is the precariousness of the situations his characters find themselves in, an instability, as though his books were always teetering on the edge of something else: I suspect this is what he is referring to in his conversation with Spiegelman.

There is a good interview Sendak does on the Colbert Report but I can’t seem to get access in ‘Strayla. Try this for USA. And see previous post of when me and anzya went and saw the flick. hat tip vlada.