some readings etc…

by tobybee

a couple of articles for you to read (via zunguzungu’s sunday reading mind explosion):

My Molesters: I was sexually assaulted three times before I was 20. Here’s why I never told my family or the police., by Emily Yoffe

[…] The next event came when I was 15, a freshman in high school. I was at the house of a friend, “Diane.” We had been doing homework together, and it was time for me to go. It was winter, cold and dark, so her father offered to give me a ride. He was a quiet man, a bit of a nebbish, and on the brief ride we talked innocuously about school. He pulled up just short of the driveway to my home, turned off the engine, then turned to face me. His voice choked with emotion, he started babbling about how men have sexual needs. If a man’s wife won’t have sex, he said, that leaves him angry and frustrated. I knew I should just open the door, but I was so shocked that I froze. Then he lunged at me, a hand on each breast, his face pressed to mine. I pushed him away, got out of the car, and ran into my house.

Again, I didn’t say anything. Diane’s dad was the kind of man my father, a former college boxer, had contempt for. I imagined that if I told my father, he wouldn’t call the police but instead would go to Diane’s house and punch her father in the face. That would make things unpleasant in school the following day. A part of me thought her father was pathetic. High school boys were more adept at making passes.

Yids, by Jenna Brager

[…]The desire to keep Yiddishkeit alive signals less nostalgia than a political urgency grounded in a cultural history of resistance–a need to discover a relevant, lived Jewishness not over-invested in the propaganda of a dubious and oppressive “homeland.”

This interesting piece also gives a shoutout to dear friend of the blog vee, and her wonderful tumblr Ekh Lyuli Lyuli

also, one jewy image from nyc pride march yesterday, from the congregation beth simchat torah float:

at the front of the float – Y-Love (yay!)

at the back of the float – homonationalism par excellence (boo!)