petitioning the ajn

by tobybee

Following on from my post yesterday, if you were also outraged by the op-ed by Magid, and want to do something about it, here’s a small thing you can do: The AJDS has initiated an open letter, which will be sent in as a letter to the editor. As they say:

The AJDS has initiated an open letter to Robert Magid because of his op-ed on refugees. He says, in part “The Jews who fled the Holocaust faced certain death . I doubt whether there is a single boat person in that position. Some may have fled a war zone or limited economic opportunities while others are seeking an easy life. None were facing certain death.” This of course, flies in the face of the consistent finding that almost all arrivals in Australia are genuine refugees (see attached).

We urge you, or your organisation to sign this letter. We hope that the editor of the AJN will have the courage to publish it, and other letters objecting to such an inflammatory viewpoint.

To sign, please go to Open Letter and encourage your friends and organisations s to do so. The deadline to get letters in the AJN is Monday noon, so please act quickly.

so please sign. it’s what any good diasporist would do…