“Jewish not through blood or ancestry but through similarity in mind, culture, common history and unity of fate”

by tobybee

i don’t know what exactly this is, but i love it. there’s a movement to build a ‘medinat weimar‘, or a jewish state in Thuringia, Germany, with the city of Weimar as its capital.

The Unternationale greet Medinat Weimar

Psoy Korolenko and Danik Redlick (AKA Daniel Kahn) of The Unternationale send their greeting to The Movement for a Jewish State in Thuringia, Germany.

Und ist die Zeit is an old Bund freedom song written by Avrom Reisen in Yiddish, Heinz Kahlau translated the song into German in the fifties for a GDR folk song book. Radical Yiddish-Punk-Cabaret musician Daniel Kahn recommended this song as the anthem for the movement.

(all via vladislava)