by tobybee

if you’re looking for somewhere to get some beautiful candles from for chanukah (or, indeed, any jewish ritual candles) you should very much think about ordering them from jonah at narrow bridge candles. we used them last year for occupy chanukah at occupy melbourne and they were absolutely beautiful.

what’s the idea behind them? jonah explains:

When my father died, I wanted to honor his memory and my grief through the traditional ritual of lighting a Shiva candle. The only Shiva candle available to me was made in Israel. In that moment, Israel’s monopoly on Judaica broke my heart, adding the tremendous weight of participation in Palestinian genocide to my already overwhelming loss.

I want to tell a story in which Jews are not bound to a nation built on oppression, or the building of a nation at all, but kindle our traditions of radicalism and justice wherever we are. Through Narrow Bridge Candles, I seek to create more space for ritual with integrity and liberatory potential.

For those of us acting in solidarity with Palestine, there is much work to be done. Palestinian Civil Society has put forth a clear and unified call for Boycotting, Divesting from, and Sanctioning Israel (BDS). Boycotting Israeli goods by itself will not be enough to decolonize Palestine. However, BDS can be, perhaps, a narrow bridge; a clear and sturdy path forward.

Narrow Bridge Candles currently offers Hanukah, Shabbat and Havdalah candles. Im still working on Yahrtzeit and Shiva candles. All candles are made from 100% beeswax from hives in Oakland and Berkeley from the Bee Healthy Honey Shop in Oakland. There is no added dye or fragrance.
All candles are hand dipped with love.
Profits of Narrow Bridge Candles go to support the Stop the JNF Campaign.

to get them by chanukah you need to order them by november 16th – which is super soon! so get on it!