time to talk

by tobybee

Demo against demolitions in the Negev

as i noted a couple of weeks ago, today is Green Sunday. a group of us produced a flyer and this morning handed it on Carlisle st and outside the JNF offices, located in Beth Weizmann, from where the phone calls were being made. While events in Carlisle st were pretty subdued, when we got to BW, and the security guard saw what we were handing out, a panic broke out. and by panic, i am being quite literal: we presented no security threat and yet we were deemed to be one. CSG reinforcements were called out, people who took one of our flyers were told that they could not enter the building with a flyer and were given a bin in which to chuck it, and the cops were called. One man, as he left the building, told us that we are antisemites, traitors and kapos. he said we should all be shot. Photos were taken of us. And the cops responded to us exactly how one could have predicted: they agreed we were doing absolutely nothing wrong and were amused and bewildered; they warned us not to racially vilify anyone, and when we responded that we’re all Jews, they turned around and pointed that out to the CSG men watching us and taking photos. “Every family has a black sheep”, came their retort.Al Araqib, Negev, Israel, 28.07.2010

so we came to be seen as a threat, which, in the end is part of the intention: we want, we need, people to come to understand what the JNF actually does. The Melbourne Jewish community needs to have a serious conversation about the actions that are carried out by such groups.

But it remains interesting that a group of 7 people, standing on the footpath and having a gentle conversation are seen as cause for a security panic. we can only hope that it leads to a political panic too.

Feel free to use the information on the flyer to produce other leaflets. And if you’re in melbourne and interested in joining in on future activities: we’re meeting on Wednesday 13 Feb at 6.30pm in the city – contact me if you want to know where.