pesach music

by tobybee

here are two versions of chad gadya for you, as – in Australia at least – we get close to the start of Pesach.

The first by Arab Jewish women’s choir “Shirana” from The Arab-Jewish community center in Jaffa. (hattip to Sol Salbe)

and the second, Chazzan Benzion Miller & Yanky Lemmer, accompanied by an all star Klezmer quartet (Frank London – Trumpet; Michael Winograd – Clarinet; Aaron Alexander – Drums; Patty Farrell – Accordion), in Brooklyn just the other night

enjoy! and may we take seriously the memory that we were once slaves in biblical egypt, and take seriously the injunction to turn that memory into (radical) change in all our communities (even the ones we think we’re not a part of) and personal interactions.